Barbara Olinger, M.S.W.
Family Consultant


Understanding and meeting our children's needs is a basic foundation of parenting. The underlying core to this is a non-judgmental, emotionally connected style. This approach to parenting is based on a few guidelines; it is about the words we use but on a deeper level it is about allowing others to experience life for themselves, with guidance, not control. It maintains the stance that people are positively motivated to learn and grow and that everyone has their own unique style within a common developmental framework. This foundation helps a child build an intrinsic sense of self, a world in which development is understood and celebrated, mistakes are allowed, feelings are validated and connecting with others is emphasized.

as we want to be loving and accepting of our children, we can be loving and accepting  of who we are as parents. If we can accept that we cannot be perfect, we can use this to help our children learn what it is to be human and grow into authentic, compassionate adults. Getting the support we need as  parents is crucial; parenting is very difficult if done in isolation. Everyone needs to feel connected with other parents and families while we take this journey. 
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